IT Strategic Planning

 It's important to have an end game in mind when making IT investments. Our team has the knowledge to evaluate your business, understand your people, your processes, and your vision to help you select the right mix of technology to succeed. Our team will ensure that your initiatives build upon one another and move your closer to your strategic objectives. 

Business Process Analysis

In implementing any solution, our first priority is to understand your business inside and out. This is the key to delivering solutions that work for you. Our team conducts an as-is analysis of your processes and then develops to-be processes, enabled by technology, which a solution can then be designed for to help you better meet your business objectives. 

Software Design and Development

 Technology shouldn't  only be technically sound, it should also  be sound from a business perspective. Consequently, we ensure our staff have  both the technical and business skills to ensure  your project is a success. We provide you with an agile process, one that ensures you are involved throughout the process, providing opportunities for feedback and opportunity to adjust for changes in requirements.  Beginning from our first envisioning session, to our final product delivery, be   assured that our staff will guide you down the right path to a solution that supports your business for years to come. 

SharePoint Development

Many organizations are leveraging Microsoft SharePoint technology to help them collaborate and share information. Our team has experience assisting organizations to better utilize the   technology to not only streamline business processes, but also to help them capture information and create knowledge in an organized,  systematic fashion. We can help you integrate the SharePoint platform with your business lines, create business solutions on-top of the platform, and create a knowledge management framework that will you give you an edge in your business.

Knowledge Management

 Ask yourself . . . Are you collecting and managing information in a manner that best supports your organization? Are you able to easily apply lessons learned from past work? Are you able to present people with the right information, at the right time, to make well-informed decisions? If your organization is struggling in these areas, we can help. Our professionals have been involved with successful knowledge management efforts within DoD and industry, enabling organizations to better create and manage knowledge across business lines. 

Business Intelligence


Get the most out of the data you collect. Our team will work with you to understand your business intelligence needs, identify the sources of the required data, harness it, and deliver the reporting you need to help you monitor and make decisions about your business.