At Zero Limit Solutions, we measure success by the results we deliver to our clients. You'll find that we structure our projects around achieving measurable results that help us ensure  that your expectations are met throughout the entire project. Our engagements are a true  partnership and we are fully committed to achieving your objectives. Check out how we have helped our clients achieve results . . .   

Zero Limit Solutions Delivers Software Component to Second Factor Authentication Vendor

 Our client was seeking a  reusable component that would enable them to repeatedly integrate their  second factor authentication suite with Microsoft web-based products,  such as SharePoint and Outlook Web Access. Working closely with our  client we developed a reusable connector,   based in .NET, that can be used to more easily integrate their product  into their customer's environment with greater consistency, speed, and  confidence. 

" Just wanted to reiterate how impressed I am with the connector, that it was built in a way that allows us to continue to use it with subsequent releases that had significant changes, including in the URL structure."  - Client Senior Systems Engineer

Zero Limit Solutions Provides Custom Software Development for Critical DoD ASP.NET Application

  Our client was seeking a flexible support agreement that would enable them to ensure the integrity of their ASP.NET/SQL Server application and to help them evolve its capability to meet new customer demands. We provided a results-oriented agreement that enables flexibility in support provided based on the operational needs of our client.

Zero Limit Solutions Provides Custom Security Scan Parsing Utility To DHS Client

Our client was seeking a utility to help them process large amounts of security scan data into useable, actionable reports. Our team developed a client .NET application that enabled staff to quickly process large amounts of scan data into standardized reports ready to be added to their final reports.

"Wow! This is so much easier...what a time saver!" - Senior Security Assessor