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Knowledge Management: Ask yourself . . . Are you collecting and managing information in a manner that best supports your organization? Are you able to easily apply lessons learned from past work? Are you able to present people with the right information, at the right time, to make well-informed decisions? If your organization is struggling in these areas, we can help. Our professionals have been involved with successful knowledge management efforts within DoD and industry, enabling organizations to better create and manage knowledge across business lines.

Business Intelligence: Get the most out of the data you collect. Our team has the ability to work with you to understand your business intelligence needs, identify the sources of the required data, harness it, and deliver the reporting you need to help you monitor and make decisions about your business.

Operations and Maintenance:
Our team is here to support you after we have delivered a solution to your business. We are dedicated to ensuring that your solutions remain operational, perform optimally, and are cared for to ensure their health within your IT environment. Our team is flexible in creating a support model that best suits the needs of your business operations.

Technical Writing: Technical writing is often a challenge as the technical side of the mind often does not always speak well to the business side of the mind. Our staff has the right balance to ensure that your writing answers the mail on both accounts. We are experienced in supporting the creation of proposals, user guides, system documentation, and training material - including screencasts - to ensure that the appropriate message is conveyed to your target audience.